A Note From The Blogger


In a world that is still captivated by (or disgusted with) “Frozen”, I can only mourn the loss of one thing: individuality. From grandparents who have been forcibly thrust into the world of 140 character texts, to toddlers playing on their parent’s iPad, we all have one thing in common. We are constantly being bombarded with different forms of media, all of them telling us what to think, feel, and spend our money on. Considering that the majority of Americans are addicted to at least one social media account on a daily basis, it is no wonder that we have allowed ourselves to be so easily indoctrinated.

Why does this concern me? Because this has made us lazy. As opposed to actively searching for upcoming movies or strolling the aisles at Barnes and Noble, I find myself just waiting for the next “headliner” for entertainment. It is no secret that audience and critic opinions aren’t always aligned, but the abundance of accessible information has caused audiences to stop seeking answers or question the popular vote.  Why bother taking out the time to analyze how we actually feel towards a product when established critics and our Facebook newsfeed has already handled this for us? My heart breaks when I think of the mountains of underappreciated works that are destined to fade away into nothingness… all because the only movie we could collectively appreciate was “The Dark Knight Rises” (which I found to be overrated… which brings me to my next point).

Reviews are subjective (gasp). However; if we are being honest with ourselves, haven’t we all forgotten about this when we dismissed a movie after a less-than-stellar opening weekend at the box office? Haven’t we all shied away from praising a film online or among friends because we weren’t sure it would be approved by the elusive “popular” crowd? Any modicum of privacy is slipping between our fingers at a rapid pace and with that, the fear of being watched/judged/ridiculed for our tastes is erasing our confidence to “own” what we truly love (I’m looking at you Rotten Tomatoes). The point is, I am afraid that as a society we have forgotten that we have a right to our own voice and therefore, we are missing out on meaningful art because we don’t even want to traipse into grayish “not mainstream and not hip enough to be indie” territory.

This blog is not intended to persuade you to agree with my take on something. Truthfully, I am using this blog as a personal outlet to voice my own heartfelt reviews on projects I consider to be unsung heroes. By no means am I expecting all readers to agree with me. For those who disagree, I want you to disagree with your entire being if that is the path you feel led to take. However; if you haven’t even considered seeing the movie or reading book I loved (based on “popular opinion”), I can only hope that my review will make you stop and question whether this work should be dismissed without a second glance.

At the end of the day, I just want everyone to remember that you don’t have to apologize for who you are and what makes you happy. If something touches you, share that experience with others and bask in the good feels yourself (free of shame or closet fandom). You do you.

Happy reading.



P.S. – This blog is only affiliated with my personal, subjective opinion. Please excuse all typos and grammatical crimes. Remember folks, writing and editing this page is not my day job  🙂


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